Corporate Speak Craziness

Most anyone working in a corporate setting for very long these days knows that the language spoken there is a bit different than the language used in the average social setting. Sometimes I am amused, and I just “shine it on” as long as I can discern the meaning, and sometimes it makes me a little annoyed. That’s the residual pickiness ingrained in my brain from my English major days in college. Continue reading

Words I Never Knew

In another essay, I called myself a word nerd, and now I’m realizing just how interesting a linguistic conundrum one can run into in certain circumstances. I was recently involved in the logistics of a move, the move of a small church from one location to another nearby. During this process, I had to facilitate some meetings so things didn’t fall through the cracks. And several of us found ourselves having to determine names for items and objects we didn’t usually talk about. I had never “named” some of these items before, and it was an interesting communication hash as we tried to find words so that other congregants would understand what we were talking about. In conversing, we found we weren’t all using the same terms, nor did we all know what all the terms meant. This endeavor and series of meetings brought up such terms as: Continue reading