Senior Times of Columbus, Ohio ran “I Want a CRAFT Service Dog” article/essay in its May 2012 issue. Gp to   Essay is on page  12.


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An article appeared in the online version of the Orange County Register on April 11:

Laguna Niguel woman asks “Did Jesus have a cat?”

LAGUNA NIGUEL – Connie Pursell is tackling topics from politics to spirituality in her book of essays, and she’s not afraid to have some fun while doing it.

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A publicity campaign for Did Jesus Have a Cat? began 3/26/2012 with publicist Lauren Covello of Smith Publicity. The following press release will go out to selected media outlets shortly:

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 Did Jesus Have a Cat?

and Other Observations from a Quirky Mind

By Connie Pursell


Author’s Collection of Personal Essays Reflects Life’s “Quirks”

Some people pretend to have all the answers. But – lucky for us – newcomer Connie Pursell does no such thing. Author of Did Jesus Have a Cat? and Other Observations from a Quirky Mind, Pursell tackles life’s biggest questions without offering a neatly packaged conclusion. Instead, she pokes at a topic from different angles, entertaining readers with her distinctive wit and perspective.

In the book’s title essay, Did Jesus Have a Cat?, Pursell wonders what it would be like to go back in time and get to know famous biblical characters. She writes, “In the New Testament it sometimes sounds like [the Apostles] were slow learners, at best… And I’d be interested in seeing first-hand what the relationship was between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. After The Da Vinci Code, one wonders.”

The remainder of the book features a diverse collection of Pursell’s personal essays, including:

  • “I’ve Kissed My Last Frog”
  • “The Questionable Morality of Regifting” and
  • “I’m Becoming My Mother After All”

An ever-present set of values lies beneath the author’s sense of humor.  These values occasionally – and poignantly – rise to the surface.  In “The Ruler in My Own Fairy Tale,” Pursell offers a list of traits and abilities for her ideal leader. Above all else, she believes in self-development. She prides herself on having written her first book as a baby-boomer.  

“Never in a million years did I expect to write a book. But I did,” says Pursell. “And it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. Seniors, take notice: it is never too late to pursue a goal or realize a dream.”

Connie Pursell holds a BA and MA in English from California State University – Long Beach. A technical writer for a Southern California HMO, Pursell began writing essays at 64 after being encouraged by her minister, Unitarian Universalist Reverend Tom Owen-Towle. Did Jesus Have a Cat? is her first book. For more information, visit

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