Connie and Cats by the Sea

Many and many a year has gone by,
   In Laguna Niguel near the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
   By the name of Connie P
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
   Than to love and be loved by three…(three cats that is).
She had two way back from kittenhood,
   In Laguna Niguel near the sea,
Then an orphan cat found its way to the place—
   And soon there were Connie and three—
And she cared for them with a care that was touching
   And over the top many secretly agreed.
Pandora was black as a raven’s wing,
   In Laguna Niguel near the sea, 
And a calico Mardi Gras was, but shy
   And her fur was orange, black and grey,
With white on her paws and a tread so soft
   You hardly knew she was there,
And once in a fridge she was erstwhile shut
   Yet emerged none the worse for the scare.
Angel cats, not half so happy in Heaven,
   Went envying them and me—
And from her soft heart (as all of you know,
   In Laguna Niguel by the sea)
Connie was moved to adopt Tiger as three,
   Filling and thrilling the rest of that home near the sea.
But the mischief they wrought was stronger by far
   Than the care that Connie could give —
And yea far wiser stopped caring for pets
   From frustration borne of defeat  —
Yet Connie bore on, not easily cowed
   And continued to treat them like queens 
And they ate Fancy Feast and begged for scraps
   And they sometimes ate off of her plate.
Still they dwell, spoiled, in Laguna Niguel near the sea,
   Pandora, Mardi Gras and Tiger, these three.
And they sleep on her bed and crowd Connie at night
   Wreak havoc with toys and up stairs run free
Yet she treats them like queens and still gives them treats
   And thinks it fitting and just to so be.

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About Connie

Connie Pursell is a baby boomer and a technical writer in the world of healthcare claims. Did Jesus Have a Cat? is her first book of essays. Connie misquotes Shakespeare: “Some are born quirky, some achieve quirkiness, and some have quirkiness thrust upon them.” She thinks she was born quirky but didn’t find her voice or full quirky potential until her later years. She grew up in Lancaster, California and earned a BA and an MA in English from Cal State University, Long Beach. In addition to essays, she also writes poetry – a couple of poems are included in the book. She is active in volunteer activities, makes beaded jewelry and lives in Laguna Niguel, CA with her three cats.

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