Andy Warhol Rocks

Soup can on canvas
Viewers are so critical
Andy Warhol rocks.

Perspective Quite Off

Perspective awry
Day glow hues blare like car horns
Hockney’s canvas mocks.

A Pickled Sheep

Lamb in plexiglass
Formaldehyde bound too young
Lesson from The Broad.


Cut up cows and limbs
Muted screams in cubist hell
Guernica tells all.

Roadside Bombing

Explode, shriek, flee, flail
Roadside bombing makes a hell
Stalks the daily news.

Sub Prime

Greed breeds treachery
Sub prime impetus for doom
Only specters loom.


Italianate hues
Defy builders’ clear vision
Art freed from prison.


Defy convention
Rude dissent in urban malls
Sneers from Goths in black.


Fabrics herald art
Utility meets vision
Wild, bright, textures awe.


Cast warriors, sentries,
Guard him after death, victor,
Slain dragon ruler of eld.

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About Connie

Connie Pursell is a baby boomer and a technical writer in the world of healthcare claims. Did Jesus Have a Cat? is her first book of essays. Connie misquotes Shakespeare: “Some are born quirky, some achieve quirkiness, and some have quirkiness thrust upon them.” She thinks she was born quirky but didn’t find her voice or full quirky potential until her later years. She grew up in Lancaster, California and earned a BA and an MA in English from Cal State University, Long Beach. In addition to essays, she also writes poetry – a couple of poems are included in the book. She is active in volunteer activities, makes beaded jewelry and lives in Laguna Niguel, CA with her three cats.