There’s Change and Then There’s Change

I’m referring to change in two ways — the constant ebb, flow, morph, re-engineering, nuance, invention and innovation that is a regular part of all our lives, our society and our species.  That is the kind of change dealt with in Who Moved My Cheese?  And then there is pocket change — dimes, nickels, quarters, etc.   I’m going to discuss both.

I just read yet another article about how folks are freaking out about one more report from the feds on the push to eliminate US $1.00 bills and replace them with those Sacagawea golden dollar coins that supposedly everyone hates.  One of the findings is that the paper-bill-to-metal-coin switch being considered would save taxpayers an estimated $4.4 billion over the next three decades.  Is this a no brainer or what?  For that kind of savings, when fiscal cliffs and economic recessions are the topics that have arguing politicians filibustering and talking heads drawing blood, and when Social Security is in jeopardy, I say just do it! Continue reading